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Sunitha N - (Manager - HR, Quality & Strategy)

​Sunitha has more than 8 years experience in HR and is strong team player in Sara. She controls the systems, quality, Systems & Processes and works tediously in achieving a 100% quality and "Zero Defect" work culture. 

Smita Gupta - (Director - Finance, Strategy & Quality)

Smita is a Co Founder of Sara Infoway and has been instrumental in bringing the company to the present strength. Smita manages the finance and quality initiatives for Sara Infoway’s high growth aspects. She is a consummate expert in fiscal and legal aspect of trade and statutory mandates and hence the vital cog in the wheel of fortunes for the organisation. She also drives the bread and butter run rate & volume business thrusts of the company to keep it ticking every day. Smita overlooks the Human Capital and Strategic initiatives as a member of the leadership executive council. Hailing from a reputed Business family that has been into business for the last 3 generations; Smita Gupta is the backbone of Sara Infoway and has a vast knowledge in Finance and Operations.  Extremely down to earth, soft spoken and a go-getter; Smita Gupta is a wiz when it comes to Finance, Operations and Quality Control. Meticulous in detailing, strong control on operations and quality are values brought by her. Strong belief in Nichiren Buddhism helped her to expand her state of life has taken up to help people overcome suffering and achieve happiness through being compassionate towards life and other beings.

Rajiv Gupta - (Director - Sales, Marketing & Technology)

Rajiv Gupta, having 27 years of rich work experience; is a 3rd generation entrepreneur. A Philanthropist, he has worked in management positions in quite a few organisations and has actively participated in thought leadership in various forums. He has tremendous knowledge in Setups, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Human Management and Technology and has been a part of many successful start-ups. Training, Skilling and equipping the young in the country being his personnel mission, he has trained more than 400 young on job by hiring young turks and training them for the work. His motto of “Connecting Education with Industry”, he is a visiting trainer and motivator in Colleges. Founding a Profitable Social Venture "Just Serve Me", skilling the unskilled, providing employment to the underprivileged, improving living for the technicians, providing world class services to the customers and inculcating the new way of "Company of all…Company for all”, he has designed a all workers culture proposing the Dignity of Labour and encouraging equality in and at work for all. He himself carries the designation of “Chief Executive Worker” and participates equally with other co-workers. Providing healthcare, proper education, sanitation awareness, vocational training being few of the Community Services being planned and worked for the betterment of the people and community at large.​

Sameer Saxena - (Director - Operations)

​Sameer is a 3rd generation entrepreneur, running his company his successful venture Magnetics Winding Technologies Pvt. Ltd. since 1998, joined his childhood friend Rajiv Gupta in Sara Infoway bringing the leadership in business as a proven Technocrat. Sameer has more than 27 years of work experience in multiple roles of sales, marketing and operations. He is heading operations for the Northern Indian business of Sara Infoway